USTF Harassment Policy

The United States Taekwon-Do Federation (USTF) is committed to providing a work and training environment free of harassment and which encourages maximum use of the talents of a culturally diverse workforce and student base.

Simply stated, harassment can be any unreasonable behavior found offensive by another individual.

The USTF will not tolerate harassment of employees, instructors, or students (members).  Examples of possible harassment include: Offensive gestures, unwelcome physical contact, profanity, and other offensive printed or verbal communication.  One type of harassment prohibited by this policy is sexual harassment, which includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

(a)  Making unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or verbal or physical conduct of a sexual natures, a condition of continued employment, participation in classes, or promotion in rank;

(b) Making submission to, or rejection of such conduct the basis for employment or training decisions affecting the employee or student, and,

(c) Creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working or training enviroment.

In the case of alleged sexual harassment, the USTF recognizes that a particular action or incident may be the result of a purely personal, social relationship without a discriminatory effect.   The USTF recognizes that false accusations of sexual harassment can have serious effects on innocent personnel.

It is a violation of USTF policy to knowingly report false allegations of sexual harassment.  Anyone who knowingly reports a false allegation is subject to appropriate discipline or discharge, as determined by the USTF.

The USTF views harassment of any kind as a very serious matter.  Any employee, instructor, or student found by the USTTF, after appropriate investigation, to have harassed another employee, instructor, or student will be disciplined or discharged depending upon the circumstances.

The USTF will not tolerate retaliation against any employee, instructor, or student for filing a harassment complaint.  Such retaliation is a violation of policy and anyone found to have engaged in retaliation is subject to appropriate discipline or discharge, as determined by the USTF.

All USTF employees and instructors are responsible for helping to ensure that we avoid harassment.  Any employee, instructor, or student who believes they have experienced or witnessed harassment, should report the alleged act as soon as possible to the chief instructor or to USTF Headquarters.

Our goal is that all employees, instructors, and students will act responsibly to establish a work and training environment free of discrimination or harassment of any nature.

This policy covers all instructors, anyone employed by a gym or school, and all students enrolled.

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