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A message from Senior Grand Master Charles E. Sereff, IX Dan Founder of the USTF

It is with great pleasure we introduce you to the United States Taekwon Do Federation.   As the President from 1979 to 2012 and President Emeritus, I can say the students made the difference! April 16, 2016 was my final class of teaching, however, although retired from teaching, I continue to be a big part of the organization.

Promoting over 14,900 students to 1st Degree Black Belt has been an honor.  The USTF Regional Directors and their State Directors helped make the USTF the success it is today.  Grand Master Renee’ Sereff, the Administrator of the USTF continues to appoint the Regional Directors and in turn their support keeps my Legacy alive! 

Teaching from every state in the United States to abroad in Australia, Japan, Scotland, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Vienna,  and more has given me the insight to understand what the students need and want. My experiences with General Choi Hong Hi were priceless.  They made me a better instructor and help me to fulfill my leadership role.   I now look forward to watching the Black Belts step forward and continue my Legacy.

We hope you will find this site helpful and if you have any questions, please contact us at 303-466-4963 or at rsereff@rmi.net.  I look forward to meeting you.

Sr. Grand Master Charles E. Sereff, IX Dan 

USTF  Founder and President Emeritus