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Grand Master Sereff Biography – Bare Knuckles in Detroit City

An expanded chapter in my life by Sr. Grand Master Charles E. Sereff.  $10.00   Out of Stock at this time.

Grand Master Sereff Biography – Made In The USA   An In-Depth biography of the life of Grand Master C. E. Sereff.
As told by Grand Master Renee’ Sereff.  $12.95

General Choi Autobiography   General Choi’s Autobiography and Moral Culture set.  $30.00

HO SIN SUL and PHILOSOPHY for STAND UP FIGHTERS   is the outline for the BASIC HO SIN SUL (HSS) COURSE. The book has over forty drawings of HSS techniques. It encompasses the Castle Doctrine (the United States Self Defense Law), Fight Philosophy, Vital Points, Break Falls, Ground Fighting Position, Throws, Wrist Locks, Chokes, Strangulations, and Arm Bars. This handbook is intended for black belts’ to enhance their HO SIN SUL skills.  These techniques will flow from your current kicking and punching skill set.  Using the knowledge in this book should pave the way for successful self defense. (Written by Master Hannon the “Head HO SIN SUL Instructor for the United States Taekwon-Do Federation”) OUT OF STOCK

Aware and Alive   Aware and Alive contains some of the most important information you need to help keep you safe in public. Aware and Alive provides something for everyone; men, women, children and seniors. It is perfectly suited for the young adult, or teen that is preparing to experience the real world without their parents.  $11.25 (Written by Master Keith Rose, VII Dan) 

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