USTF Ambassador Program

Sr. Grand Master Sereff has created a program to further our communication with our sister organizations:  The following appointments have been made for the 2016 year. Congratulations to all!

Grand Master Renee’ Sereff  Colorado    Australia Contact:    Master Donal Byrne and Mr. John Bradley


Birch Byrne Rounthwiate

Sr. Master Stan Martin,  Wyoming    New Zealand and ScotlandContact:    Master Paul McPhail and Grand Master Hutchison


USTF PLaque new zealand



Master Ed Newcomer       Southern Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi


Ed Newcomer twin side piercing

elephant newcomer

Photo by Master Ed Newcomer


Master David Mason  Washington    Papua New Guinea Contact     Master and Mrs. Rocky Rounthwaite,Simon Kama,  Bruce Imatana

Master David Mason


USTF PLaque Papua NG


Papua NG 1


Master Denise Moomeier     Ireland  Contact:    Lucia  and Ann McCarthy


USTF PLaque ireland


Master Lance Edwards, Louisiana   Canada

Mr. John Murphy, Massachusetts    Canada  Contact:     Grand Master Phap Lu




US Taekwon-Do Federation