Sereff Invitational Jr. Event and Chili Cookoff

Grand Master Renee’ Sereff will be hosting the Annual Chili Cookoff and Jr. event at Sereff Taekwon Do 9:00 am sharp.  Juniors will compete in Pattern and Sparring.  The competition is pre-register only, not on site registration.  Bring a pot of chili, any king, for the contest or something to share after the event like desert, cheese, chips, tortillas etc.  We will have lunch immediately after the event.  USTF Referees, we need you at this tournament.  The schools invited this year are Sheridan TKD, Sereff TKD, Thornton TKD, Maestas TKD, New Life TKD and Ilpyondonshim.   Any questions, email rsereff@rmi.net. Date of event is January 27, 2018.